The New Digital Commerce Landscape requires new ways of Piloting Growth. Case Studies like the J&J Petite Planet are a great representation of this new paradigm for Data, Agility and Continuous Learning.

§J&J launched a new brand of infant personal care product in an attempt to act more like the digitally enabled local players that collectively have become its biggest competitive threat.
Talking with moms online in seven parts of the world to discover that natural ingredients and “kitchen logic” is used in caring for babies.
Petite Planet launched in e-commerce first at USA plus select retailers in the Pacific region.

Why we like this

Evaluate and enter potential new markets using data-driven decision making:

Shows well how every company needs
to rethink their go-to-market strategy
Innovative product development approach
using real market and customer data
Online first market launch with
realistic plans and expectations

What we can do for you

Conduct a six-step evaluation of the
the market and all its key variables.
Collect and process data from a wide
variety of structured and unstructured
data sources.
Draw strategies based on advanced
data models and ‘what-if’ simulations.