Are you an eCommerce passenger or a pilot?

A lot is being discussed about the eCom opportunities in SEA. No doubt is a new growth channel for many product categories, nevertheless a channel that attracts more and more consumers everyday (and therefore switches sales from other traditional channels)

Obviously when you enter a new channel like this, the sales growth trend will remain upward for quite some time. Whether you are doing a good job or not, all macro and micro economic factors are favourable for eCom in SEA. Lot’s of investment, players and bold penetration tactics are and will continue drive exponential growth ahead. 

So while everyone is growing their eCom sales, a few questions naturally start arising. Am I doing a really good job in eCom? Am I beating my competition? Who’s best in class in my category?

As we define it in ECHO Commerce “are you a passenger or a pilot” on your eCom journey? Are sales just happening for you or do you truly drive those sales? 

These questions are fairly hard to answer at this point, given the lack of data availability or trust of it. 

But pilots are trained enough before they take off to be able to react in any environmental circumstances and always land safely on their intended destination. 

Talk to us today on how we can help you pilot your growth in SEA!

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